There are various types of industrial dust masks, and the selection must be based on different operating requirements and working conditions. The first choice should be based on the concentration and toxicity of the dust. According to GB/T18664 "Selection, Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Protective Equipment", as a half-face mask, all industrial dust masks are suitable for environments where the concentration of harmful substances does not exceed 10 times the occupational exposure limit, otherwise, a full face mask or protection should be used Higher grade respirator.

1. Synthetic blood penetration

Therefore, the name suggests that it is to use synthetic blood to spray into the mask under a certain pressure, and there should be no leakage. It is well understood that medical staff often encounter blood splashes during their work. In order to prevent germs in the blood from contaminating medical staff, there is this provision.

Industrial Dust Mask

2. Surface moisture resistance

First of all, we need to know that the filterability of masks of general materials is greatly reduced in the wet state. If the masks are not resistant to humidity, they do not need to be sprayed by foreign objects. Just being affected by the water vapor in the body's exhaled breath is enough to choke, especially in the north.

3. Residue indicators

The indicators of residues are actually two indicators. One is microbiological indicators because medical masks are mostly used in a sterile environment. If the operating room is operated on, the medical staff wearing the masks themselves have pathogens, then the patient with an open cavity is more likely to be infected. It has greatly increased, so the amount of microorganisms remaining is required. The more commonly used mask sterilization chemical is ethylene oxide, and the second residue indicator is the required amount of residue.

4. About the valve

As mentioned before, there are many requirements in the scene of our medical staff using masks as a sterile environment, and our human body is a big bacteria paradise. The function of the breathing valve is to let you breathe more smoothly. Its principle is a pneumatic valve. In other words, the exhaled air does not need to be filtered and is directly discharged through the air valve, and the bacteria and viruses will go out together. So the reason for this outbreak is to try to wear a mask without air valves. In fact, if you are afraid of being infected, you will run out with a mask. If you have air valves, you will also infect others.

The above information is provided by the mask manufacturer.