3. Do children have medical masks?

Although the protective effect of medical surgical masks is better, there are fewer medical surgical masks for children that can be purchased. Medical nursing masks and medical disposable masks are also good for general outing protection. If masks are found to be stolen or contaminated, they should be replaced in time.

4. Can children wear N95 masks?

We can find that there are many children's N95 masks on major shopping platforms, but it is currently recognized that children are not suitable for N95 masks. Even N95 masks with breathing valves will reduce air and make it difficult for children to breathe. Under normal circumstances, children and ordinary adults who are not first-line medical personnel or anti-epidemic personnel do not need to wear N95 masks but use ordinary medical surgical masks, which mainly play a role in blocking droplets.

5. Under what circumstances should children not wear masks?

If the family members are in good health, there are no suspected patients, family members who have returned from the epidemic area, and no close contacts, children who do not go out can wear masks when the environment is kept ventilated at home.

In addition, even if you must go out, it is not recommended for children under 1 to wear masks. At this time, parents should pay attention to the protection of their children. When they are outside, be careful not to touch other people or touch things with their hands, and clean them in time at home.

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6. What should I do when I can't buy children's masks?

Currently, children do not need to wear masks at home when they do not need to go to school or go out. After the shortage of supplies is alleviated, masks can be purchased under government regulation. Parents can pre-order online, and in some areas, residents can register online to buy some formal mask reserves in pharmacies.

Masks are an important line of defense to prevent new coronavirus infections. Nowadays, when protective materials are in short supply, they should be protected rationally and saved as much as possible.

7. How to wear a mask correctly? What should I pay attention to when wearing?

Because children's faces are small and cannot fully fit the edges of adult masks, children try to wear children's masks. Before wearing a mask, children need to master the correct usage method with the help of their parents (the same method as adults), including avoiding contact with the outside of the mask when taking off the mask, pressing the edge of the mask to fit the nose, and discarding the mask.

Parents should pay attention to the wearing of children's masks at any time. If children feel unwell, short of breath, shortness of breath, breathlessness, etc., they should adjust or stop using them in time.

The above information is provided by the mask manufacturer.