As air pollution has become more serious, people have developed the habit of wearing masks at any time when they go out, but some people have said that it is better to wear some dust masks in daily life. But when wearing dust masks, you also need a lot of knowledge. When we buy dust masks, there are many types and brands. Which kind of dust mask is more popular? When using dust masks, what are the precautions? Let's take a look at the knowledge introduction of dust masks and how to wear dust masks to effectively prevent dust.

1. Dust-proof masks have high dust-proof efficiency. After using dust masks, the level of dust suppression efficiency in the atmosphere is actually based on the dust suppression efficiency of fine dust. Normally, gauze masks are special. Its dust suppression principle is mechanical filtration, that is, when When dust hits the gauze, it will pass through a layer of barriers to block some large particles of dust in the gauze.


However, some fine dust, especially dust less than 5μm, will pass through the mesh of the gauze and enter the respiratory system. Just like when some dust masks on the market are on sale, the filter material is composed of fibers with permanent static electricity. When passing through the filter material, the inhalable dust less than 5μm will be electrostatically attracted and adsorbed on the filter material, which indeed plays a role of dust prevention.

2. The fit between the mask and the face shape is better. When the mask does not fit the face tightly, dust in the air will enter the respiratory tract from the gap around the mask. Therefore, people need to choose a dust mask that fits their facial shape and wears it correctly.

3. It must be comfortable to wear, including low breathing resistance, lightweight, clean wear, and easy maintenance, such as wearing an arched dust mask.

In fact, there are still many types of dust masks on the market, but if they are like dust masks, it is best to wear them in winter, which may better protect us in smog days.

The above information is provided by the dust mask supplier.