At the beginning of the year, covid-19 outbreak broke out in wuhan, hubei province, and quickly spread to all parts of the country. The sudden outbreak of covid-19 was like a war without gunsmoke, which made Chinese people at home and abroad unite as one and work together to fight the epidemic. At present, all regions and industries across the country have responded quickly and joined hands to fight the epidemic. During the critical period of novel coronavirus prevention and control, Shanghai tuttamu medical technology co., ltd. responded quickly, exploited its own advantages in time, and made a contribution to the society at the critical time of epidemic prevention and control. During the outbreak of the epidemic, Shanghai tuttamu medical technology co., ltd. urgently mobilized internal resources to produce equipment, production lines and packaging lines for the front-line enterprises in need of masks. In the case of limited resources, it provides sufficient equipment support for front-line materials. Mask machine solution is coming, support automatic production! As a country with a large global mask production capacity, China has a total production capacity of more than 20 million N95 masks and surgical masks per day. But the battle against the epidemic is now underway, with some agencies predicting a daily demand of at least 200 million masks. In the face of the huge gap between supply and demand, Rio tinto combined its own advantages, organized experts to launch a new mask machine production control system application program. It can not only meet the needs of customers, but also help enterprises to greatly increase production capacity and alleviate the difficulty in obtaining masks to some extent. At present, we need automatic mask production equipment.