Masks are a weapon for medical workers to fight the epidemic, a shield to protect people's health, and a guarantee for enterprises to resume work and production in an orderly manner. In less than a month, the country's daily production of masks increased 12-fold, highlighting the "hard core" support of China's strength.

COVID - 19, since the outbreak of the CPC Central Committee and state council attaches great importance to, emergency deployment, across departments to go all out, key industry enterprise work overtime, production expansion, state-owned enterprises, corporation full mobilization, China's manufacturing strength fully burst - to promote masks resume work reaches producing enterprise, give priority to safeguard enterprise labor, capital, logistics, key raw materials supply and demand, guide enterprises in epidemic prevention and ensure safety in production earnestly itself and the quality of the products under the premise of full power at full production.

We have given full support to increasing production and capacity, and launched a special project to upgrade the technical capacity of medical masks. Three groups of enterprises have been organized to increase production, expand production and switch production through technological transformation to increase the supply of masks.

We will make every effort to ensure the coordinated operation of the whole industrial chain, actively coordinate the production of key raw materials and equipment enterprises such as melt-spraying non-woven fabrics, mask machines and parts, so as to meet the urgent need of mask enterprises to expand production capacity and improve the operation efficiency of the whole industrial chain.

A series of practical and hard measures have been introduced and implemented to provide strong policy support for ensuring the supply of key medical supplies

We will establish a national system for the temporary purchase and storage of medical supplies, and ensure that the government will purchase and store all the key medical protective materials it produces. We will implement a list system for key enterprises in epidemic prevention and control, and provide them with tax and financial support. Establish a temporary production scheduling system for key enterprises and dispatch resident staff to expand production; The market supervision department "special affairs special handling", speed up the approval process...

On February 24, the number of medical N95 masks in China exceeded 1 million per day. On February 25, the daily production capacity of masks nationwide exceeded 70 million. On February 29, the daily production of masks both exceeded 100 million! In addition to xizang, 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have added new mask production lines, and new mask production lines have been put into production.

At the same time, through the national unified dispatch, to ensure the demand of hubei and other key areas. On February 25, 2014, a total of 3.04 million medical N95 masks were transferred to hubei province, and the daily dispatching quantity was more than 150,000 recently. In addition, the production in hubei province effectively ensured the protection needs of front-line medical staff.

Cong liang, secretary-general of the national development and reform commission (NDRC), said the first stage is mainly to cope with the epidemic and meet the needs of frontline medical staff, with a focus on expanding the production of medical N95 masks. In the recent stage, with the explosive growth of the demand for masks in the resumption of work and production, the focus of the protection work has gradually shifted to the general medical and general masks.

"It is believed that with the joint efforts of all sides, China's mask production capacity will continue to grow rapidly to better meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production." He said.

Ou xiaoli, director of the social affairs department of the national development and reform commission, pointed out that from the perspective of demand, with the orderly resumption of work and production and the gradual restoration of life order, the demand for ordinary masks except N95 is growing rapidly, and the contradiction between supply and demand will increase.