FFP2 masks are actually dust masks and are mainly used on construction sites. They can trap up to 94% of the particles in the ambient air. According to the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, FFP2 masks are made of processed wool and they have been shown to be effective in reducing the rate of new coronavirus infections. Everyday masks are also largely suitable to some extent for isolating liquid droplets as well as exhaled air, but the filtration performance of these masks varies greatly depending on the substance used.

Simple masks and nasal masks do not block smaller particles, making it difficult for people to protect themselves, according to the Aerosol Research Association. ffp2 masks are more dense and can filter smaller particles.FFP2 mask supplier will explain how to use ffp2 masks.

Instructions for use of FFP2 medical masks

These instructions apply to the FFP2 medical protective masks (white oval masks with English characters printed on the surface of the mask) issued by the project. During the special period, please make sure that the project staff wear the mask in strict accordance with these instructions.

FFP2 Mask

How to use the FFP2 mask?

1. Hold the outer side of the mask with one hand and put the side with the nose clip facing up.

2. Put the protective mask over the mouth, nose and chin, with the nose clip part up against the face.

3. With the other hand, pull the thin band below the mask over the top of the head and place it behind the neck.

4. Pull the upper strap of the mask to the middle of the head.

5. Place the fingertips of both hands on the metal piece on the outside of the mask so that the metal piece nasal clip is pressed tightly against the face.

6. With a good mask should blow hard, such as no gas from the two ears or nasal clip in the discharge, the mask has been worn; otherwise, the mask should be worn again in accordance with the above method.

Precautions for using FFP2 mask

1. Do not use one hand to pinch the nose clip of the mask.

2. FFP2 protective mask can only be used once. If you take it off in the middle, you should replace it with a new mask when you wear it again.

3. After the mask is wet, or contaminated by blood or body fluids, it should be replaced in time.

4. Each time you wear the mask, you should check the tightness of the mask. The inspection method is to cover the protective mask with both hands completely and exhale quickly. If there is air leakage near the nose clip, the nose clip should be adjusted, and if the air leakage is located around, it should be adjusted until there is no air leakage.

5. Do not directly touch the surface of the protective mask (contaminated surface) with your hands after wearing.

6. To remove the FFP2 mask, untie the lower ligature first, then the upper ligature, then pinch the ligature of the protective mask with your hand and throw it into the garbage can.