Shanghai Tuotaimu Medical Technology Co.,Ltd is a protective mask manufacturer with Shanghai special approval to fight against the global outbreak of novel coronavirus. The company is located in Shanghai Jinshan district, the TTM mask has met the domestic GB2626-2006 and EN149:2001+A1:2009 standards,and it has aquired the CE Certificate and the FDA registration. TTM attaches great importance to product quality, the core raw materials such as melt-blown cloth are above the medical standards of grade 95. At present, it has introduced a number of new high-speed mask machines, and the daily output is about 300,000 FFP2(KN95) masks. It plans to put into production dozens more, and the daily output will exceed 500,000.

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How to Choose a Mask?

KN95 masks work best, more layers are more effective, and you need to change one every few hours. How can we protect ourselves in the face of the overwhelming clutter of information? The next mask supplier will tell you how to choose a mask.

How Long Can a KN95 Mask be Used?

When viruses are rampant and a single droplet can cause the virus to spread faster and infect more people, it is time to put away your blind confidence and urge you to wear a good mask! This article is about the use, usage and lifespan of masks. It is also important to stress that you should not discard your masks after use.

What Are the Advantages of FFP2 Masks?

FFP2 masks are actually dust masks and are mainly used on construction sites. They can trap up to 94% of the particles in the ambient air. According to the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, FFP2 masks are made of processed wool and they have been shown to be effective in reducing the rate of new coronavirus infections.